TITANS Season 3 premieres in August on HBO Max.

TITANS Season 3

Titans is now available on HBO Max, which is the new home for all of DC’s live-action and animated series. Season 3 of Titans will premiere on HBO Max in August, and we now know when. The actors took some time during production to make a fun video in which they previewed what’s in store for the season and revealed that season 3 will premiere on HBO Max in August. We don’t have a set date for August yet, but I’m certain we’ll receive one shortly. Meanwhile, you can watch the complete video below, which includes all of the old favorites as well as some of the new faces that will be joining the group for Season 3, as well as what they had to say about what’s next for Titans.


The actors stated, “We’re filming season 3, we’re on set, and we’re making magic happen.” “So brace yourselves for some major surprises. Season 3 will be dark, strange, fascinating, and tragic, but who wants to see that? It’ll be exciting and entertaining, and the actors can’t wait for you to watch it. It’s going to be huge. It’s all about bananas. I’m referring to bananas. So stay tuned, because Season 3 of Titans will premiere this August on HBO Max, and you heard it first here.”



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