UFC Vegas 21: Leon Edwards vs. Belal Muhammad

The fight that should have really happened is between Leon Edwards and khamzat chimaev but due tosome health issues khamzat chimaev could not take this fight


Edwards is a fascinating fighter in that while he’s a great athlete, he doesn’t exactly rely on his athleticism for success.He’s a very technical striker who works from a southpaw stance to pick at his opponents with combinations. In the clinch, he’s very dangerous with his knees and elbows. And while he’s no submission whiz, his takedowns have become excellent, and he’s more than capable of winning a fight from top position.


Muhammad has been in the UFC since 2016, and in that time he’s assembled an amazing record of 9-3.

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Speed has been the situation for Muhammad in the UFC. He pushes his adversary at an excited rate, regardless of whether that is with his takedowns or with his striking, and the greater part of them have separated the stretch.


Like Edwards, Muhammad’s completing rate is poor – he’s halted only two rivals in the UFC. However, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for him to move into conflict for the UFC Welterweight title.


The issue for him is that all that he does – his striking, wrestling and even the pressing factor he puts on an adversary – is bettered by Edwards from a specialized outlook at any rate.

In any case, the X-factor here could be the way that Edwards has managed COVID-19 and hasn’t battled in the UFC for well longer than a year. In the event that ‘Rough’ is corroded and can’t push his typical speed, that certainly gives Muhammad a road to progress, particularly more than five rounds.



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