Ultraman final Season Premieres on 2023: Watch Teaser

Ultraman final Season Premieres on 2023: Watch Teaser

Netflix revealed that the final Season of Ultraman premieres worldwide on Netflix in 2023. Season one premiered on Netflix in 2019, and the anime Ultraman (Based on the works of Tsuburaya Productions, Eiichi Shimizu, and Tomohiro Shimoguchi) became a global hit and received many awards both in Japan and overseas. Watch the teaser below.

Ultraman Synopsis:

According to the Netflix synopsis, The series centers on the son of Ultraman, Shinjiro Hayata, and the six heroes (ULTRAMAN, SEVEN, ACE, ZOFFY, JACK, TARO) who carry on the tradition of the legendary 6 Ultra Brothers. Together, they face the schemes of aliens on a cosmic scale.

Kotaro Higashi, a young photographer, encounters a mysterious missing person case. He takes a photo proving that it was the work of aliens and brings it to the SSSP with his girlfriend Izumi. However, a certain incident transforms him into a superhuman with incredible fiery superpowers.

Then, a massive cosmic weapon appears before the human-sized Ultraman…

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Ultraman Cast:

  • Ryohei Kimura as Shinjiro Hayata
  • Hideyuki Tanaka as Shin Hayata
  • Takuya Eguchi as Dan Moroboshi
  • Megumi Han as Seiji Hokuto
Ultraman Final Season Release Date?

The release date for Ultraman Final Season is slated on Netflix in 2023. The exact date is not yet announced by the streamers.

Ultraman Poster:

Ultraman final Season Premieres on 2023: Watch Teaser

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