Wanda Vision Heartbreaking Moments For Marvel Fans

Marvel Studios’ first TV series WandaVision was chock full of references to other Marvel Cinematic Universe events, exciting action sequences, and hilarious classic sitcom homages. But at heart, WandaVision was a show about grief. Set in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, the series found Wanda Maximoff somehow manifesting a perfect life of domesticity in a New Jersey suburb with her husband Vision (Paul Bettany). Except Vision was dead.


Throughout the nine episodes, the series – and Wanda’s reality – kept shifting to different eras of classic family sitcoms, and through it all Wanda was working through her grief largely by ignoring it or pushing it deep, deep down. By the show’s end, Wanda was forced to let go of Vision (and their two imaginary sons) for good, and the series ended with a deep sense of loss but also love. As the now iconic line goes, “what is grief if not love persevering?”


Throug out she lost her family again but she realized her true power of scarlett witch after the war between agatha and wanda . wanda become more powerfull but her cost is her family . in way the finale episode of wanda vision series it moves to dr strange again

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