Warner Bros Discovery Will Not Assure that Movies are Sent to HBO Max after 45 days in Theaters

Warner Bros Discovery Will Not Assure that Movies are Sent to HBO Max after 45 days

Warner Bros Discovery will no longer guarantee that movies are sent to HBO Max after 45 days in theaters. The company will instead use a “case-by-case basis” approach to determine when they release on HBO Max.

The report came from Decider that Despite previously announced plans to send all Warner Bros. 2022 movies to HBO Max after 45 days in theaters, Warner Bros Discovery will now use a “case-by-case basis” approach to determining when their theatrically-released films will land on the streamer.

Fans who are looking for Elvis on HBO Max should wait until early 2023, Director Baz Luhrmann confirmed that Elvis will not arrive on HBO Max till fall 2022.

Baz Luhrmann Reveals That Elvis Will Not Arrive on HBO Max till Fall 2022

Discovery CEO David Zaslav told that there is a “strategic shift” away from releasing expensive direct-to-streaming films on HBO Max, signaling an end to the “Project Popcorn” era, which found all of Warner Bros. theatrical movies simultaneously streaming “day and date” on HBO Max in 2021, and then streaming after a 45-day theatrical window for the first half of 2022.

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CEO Zaslav said, “This idea of expensive films going direct-to-streaming, we cannot find an economic case for it. […] We’re making a strategic shift. As part of that, we’ve been out in the town talking about our commitment to the theatrical exhibition and the theatrical window. A number of movies will be launched with shorter windows.” Perhaps the studio will follow in the footsteps of Universal, which sends some films like The Northman to Peacock after 45 days, but keeps big office winners like Jurassic World Dominion in theaters and on PVOD for much longer.

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