WB Cancels New Gods, Aquaman Spin-Off The Trench

One of the reasons director Ava Duvernay’s ‘Modern Gods’ movie was scrapped was because of Darkseid’s role in snydercut, according to Warner Brothers.“The fact that its protagonist, Darkseid, had just emerged as a big foil in Zack Snyder’s Justice League complicated New Gods, which would have been a sprawling story, and there was a need to have space between the latter and any new appearances.”

The Hollywood Reporter claims The Trench was passed over because it has no link to Aquaman or the rest of the DCEU, although Deadline assumes it was due to Wan’s busy schedule with Aquaman 2. Warner Bros. has had ample Atlantean action with Aquaman 2.DC is focusing its efforts on creating a multiverse that will potentially allow it to create an infinite number of adventures. The Flash, an Ezra Miller-led film starring two versions of Batman and Supergirl set for November 2022, is thought to be the centerpiece of that.


Now this leaves to the question that are they really listening to the fans about restoring the snyderverse.

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