“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” From Encanto Is At 1st Position on Spotify US

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” From Encanto

We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Encanto is now ranked No.1 song on Spotify US with 839k streams. Globally, it is at #19 (1.7 million). Disney released “Encanto” as the 60th animated feature in November, a colorful story about a magical Colombian family. The film follows Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz), the one member of the Madrigal family to not have a magical ability. Her mother, cousins, and sisters have all been blessed by the house they live in, making Mirabel the odd one out. However, when their casita shows signs of losing its power, it’s up to Mirabel to save the day.

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“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” bursts with the Madrigals’ vibrant personalities, from Adassa’s speedy whispering as cousin Dolores to the way Rhenzy Feliz relishes telling a story as the over-imaginative cousin Camilo. If “Encanto” is ever adapted into a live musical, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” will be a ball to stage. It’s a perfect ensemble piece that illuminates each character, sheds light on the story’s overarching themes, and offers an unparalleled amount of insight into the world of “Encanto.” Play it on Spotify.

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