We Met in Virtual Reality Trailer: An HBO Documentary Filmed Entirely Inside Virtual Reality


HBO released the trailer for We Met in Virtual Reality, an HBO documentary filmed entirely inside virtual reality. It explores the social relations developed by the users of VRChat during the pandemic, and how their lives were changed by their time on the platform. It was created by Joe Hunting, who was the director and writer of the script. watch the trailer below.

We Met in Virtual Reality Plot Synopsis

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We Met in Virtual Reality follows multiple figures throughout the runtime of the movie, in chronological order for over a year, often switching back and forth to explore their lives on the platform as their relationships evolve and change.

There is a teacher who has an online sign language school, a couple that met online, as well as one of them running a school for dance classes, another couple who met online and also found love on the platform, as well as other users. The film finds out the reasons they use the platform and how it has helped them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The film is written and directed by Joe Hunting and contains a 91-minute run time. We Met in Virtual Reality has its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2022, it scored a 95% critic rating from Rotten Tomatoes, with 19 reviews.

We Met in Virtual Reality tenderly documents the stories of people experiencing love, loss, and unexpected connection, expressing vulnerability around mental health struggles and questions about identity, offering a hyper-real journey into the human experience of an online world that may soon shape the future.

How To Watch We Met in Virtual Reality?

We Met in Virtual Reality will be airing on HBO and streamed on its service on July 27, 2022, on HBO Max.

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