What Happens To Gorr’s Daughter? What are her Powers?

What Happens To Gorr's Daughter? What are her Powers?

Thor: Love and Thunder is now open in theaters. In the film, Gorr’s daughter is portrayed by India Rose Hemsworth, the daughter of Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky.

What Happens To Gorr’s Daughter in Thor: Love and Thunder?

What Happens To Gorr's Daughter? What are her Powers?

At the beginning itself, Gorr’s daughter (India Rose Hemsworth) will sadly pass away. Gorr then possesses the power of Necrosword and becomes the God Butcher. Thor starts fighting him and Gorr needs his Stormbreaker to open the Gates of Eternity. Gorr realizes he wants his daughter back and uses that as his one wish.

Gorr’s Daughter Powers?

What Happens To Gorr's Daughter? What are her Powers?

At the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, Thor command her to wear the boots and she refuses that and laser on Thor that hit on a pan. Also, she was able to possess the power of Stormbreaker.

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As for her on-screen dad, Christian Bale calls India’s performance a “wonderful job,” adding that he was impressed with the young star — especially considering some of the things she had to do to interact with Gorr.

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“We have a fair few scenes where, you know, it can get quite sad,” He recalls. “I remember poor little thing at one point, I was doing a scene, and then I had to hold her, and tears dropped. I think one hit her on the face, and she was like oohnoo. I look, and like she’s going to chuck up, and I don’t blame her, poor little thing. But she was absolutely magnificent.”

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