What If…? New Clip Reveals A Fight Between Party Thor And Ultron Bots

Fight Between Party Thor And Ultron Bots

A new clip from What If…? revealed a fight between party Thor and Ultron Bots. The Season 1 finale of What If…? is almost near. The Watcher broke his Oath to destroy the deadly Vision/Ultron. The answer to the question is in the season finale. watch the new clip from Season 9 below.

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What If…? episode 9 will follow the consequences of the Watcher breaking his oath not to interfere with the universes he observes, as the episode title and trailer have already confirmed. Because the threat posed by Ultron has grown too great for him to handle, he will seek out various heroes from the first season of What If…? The Watcher had already transformed into Doctor Strange Supreme in the previous episode, and the show’s mid-season teaser indicated that the finale will also feature the return of Party Thor and Captain Carter. check out the new teaser below.

The Guardians of the Multiverse will be formed by them and other heroes. This other version of the Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy is set to be very different from the MCU teams that fans are familiar with, and it will be fascinating to watch how they come together in the What If…? conclusion. The episode 9 teaser doesn’t disclose much, most likely because Marvel wants to keep most of the plot twists under wraps. Nonetheless, the subtle nature of the closing teaser manages to pique interest in what’s to come. Now that the Watcher has broken his oath. Let us wait for the final episode to know the conclusion.

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