What If…? The Multiverse Of Marvel First Trailer Dropped

What If...? The Multiverse Of Marvel

A new trailer for Marvel’s upcoming animated series What If…? has been published on Disney Plus. The superheroes on the alternative timeline of madness check out the brand new trailer below

The animated series What If…? will air on Disney Plus starting August 11th, according to Marvel. Aside from a fresh teaser. see the new poster below

What If…? The Multiverse Of Marvel First Trailer Dropped

What If…? The comics made by Marvel Comics during their golden period are recreated in a new age of timeline. They were used to picture the key characters’ stories from a different perspective than that of the stories that make up the canon of these heroes or villains.

“What if… Agent Carter Wins the Super Soldier’s Serum” will be one of them. Captain Brittany will take the space that has traditionally been occupied by Steve Rogers / Captain America in the episode, which will be voiced by Hayley Atwell.

What If...? The Multiverse Of Marvel First Trailer

The trailer is quite clear about its idea, which is based on the What If…? comics that have been published since the late 1970s: it will be about discovering other universes in which the characters and events are not the same as those in the main canon (represented by the films of Marvel Studios ). The combination of T’Challa in Star-Lord, Captain Carter, Howard the Duck, and pyrotechnic effects promises to be extremely fascinating.

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