With $4.8 million in previews, ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ will be loud on Thursday night.

A Quiet Place Part II, starring Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt, is showing in 3,700 theatres and is available in Imax, Dolby, and PLF formats. Thursday’s previews began at 5 p.m. The studio is hoping for a four-day gross of more than $30 million. Cruella de Vil is playing in 3,892 locations and is estimated to gross roughly $17 million, however, rival studios are expecting far more.

With $4.8 million in previews, ‘A Quiet Place Part II' will be loud on Thursday night.

‘A Quiet Place Part II’ is on par with the first in terms of overall quality – sound design, performance, & visual storytelling – but it surpasses the first in terms of raw action & intensity. This is a fantastic movie & one of the best horror sequels I’ve ever seen.


Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, New York, Phoenix, El Paso, Austin, Pharr (Texas), Albuquerque, Fresno (California), and Dallas were among the top cinemas. This was a huge milestone for the movie.



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