WWE has released Samoa Joe Check Out


Joe is known for pulling quality matches and is one of the industry’s biggest crowd-pullers. It was a concussion he sustained during a promotional shoot last year in 2020 that held him out of the game. While the legendary wrestler has retired from the ring, he has continued to work for WWE in a variety of capacities.


Samoa Joe was set to return to the ring shortly, but due to annual budget cuts, he has been released for the time being. Fans, as predicted, are ecstatic about the news and are going crazy about the promotion. To show their outrage, they are using the hashtag ‘WTF WWE’ on Twitter.Wesley Blake, Tucker, Chelsea Green, Kalisto, and Bo Dallas were among the wrestlers released by WWE. The company said in a statement on April 15 that they had “come to terms” on the release of many wrestlers, including Joe, Kay, Royce, and James, among others. They were also wished “all the best” in their “future endeavors,” according to the release.


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