Yorgos Lanthimos’ Next Film, ‘Poor Things,’ Stars Mark Ruffalo and Emma Stone

The film is being produced by Searchlight Pictures and is based on a book by renowned Scottish novelist Alasdair Gray, which has been described as a “hilarious political allegory,” “a send-up of Victorian literature,” and “a thought-provoking conflict between men’s wants and women’s independence.”Essentially, Poor Things is a reimagining of Frankenstein in which the monster is replaced with Bella Baxter (Stone), a gorgeous, temperamental erotomaniac who is brought back to life using an infant’s brain.



Victoria Blessington drowns herself to get away from her abusive husband, Gen. Sir Aubrey Blessington. A surgeon, on the other hand, resuscitates her by transplanting the brain of the foetus she was carrying into her skull, giving the revived Bella the mental faculties of a toddler. She eventually marries a Glasgow surgeon named Archibald McCandless, whom she chloroforms before fleeing with a shady lawyer who takes her on a whirlwind tour of Europe. Bella’s brain matures, and she begins to develop a social conscience, but her growth is jeopardized when her legitimate spouse recognizes her as Victoria.



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