‘Young Royals’ season 2 Has Wrapped Production

'Young Royals' season 2 Has Wrapped Production

Young Royals‘ season 2 has wrapped filming. The Swedish teen drama follows Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, his budding gay romance with a fellow student, and the drama that comes with it. Season one premiered on Netflix on 1 July 2021. following the awesome response from the audience, the streamers renewed the series for a second season.

The series stars Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, Omar Rudberg as Simon Eriksson, Malte Gårdinger as August of Årnäs, Frida Argento as Sara Eriksson, Nikita Uggla as Felice Ehrencrona, Pernilla August as Queen Kristina of Sweden, Nathalie Varli as Madison, and Carmen Gloria Pérez as Linda.

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Before Netflix officially confirmed the return of Young Royals, actor Omar Rudberg suggested (via The Mud Mag) that whatever ends up happening, things are “going to get crazy”.


“I actually don’t know what is going to happen,” said Omar. “But if you see the series and think of what it reveals about the characters at the end of the series, I feel like there is a lot that is going to happen. If there is going to be a season two, and I really hope that there is, I think it would be amazing. The drama is going up another level, it’s going to get crazy.”

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“I wish him a lot of drama and a lot of scenes! More singing! And I hope everything goes his way with everything!” Omar added (via TheAntiMagazine).

Watch ‘Young Royals’ season 1 on Netflix.

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