Zack Snyder Reveals Why Steppenwolf Is So Spiky in the Snyder Cut : Justice League

One of the starkest differences between the theatrical cut of Justice League and Zack Snyder’s original version is in regards to the movie’s primary villain, Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf’s original design was more akin to his look in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (in a cut scene from the theatrical version), but his look was changed for the theatrical cut of Justice League. When the Snyder Cut came around, Snyder and the folks at Weta Digital went back to his original look, with silver armor that featured a bevy of spikes that seemed to flow and move. Snyder, along with visual effects supervisors at Weta Digital Kevin Andrew Smith and Anders Langlands, explained why in a new interview with Yahoo Sports.


“He’s a legit space knight,” Snyder said, and Langlands was excited to get back to that original premise. “We essentially went back to the original design that you saw at the end of Batman v Superman, and worked from that same concept art” Langlands said. “Zack had the idea that his armor would react to his mood and be part of his performance, as if it was some kind of alien technology that’s symbiotic with him. We built the armor as a bunch of interlocking scale pieces, with individual metal scales laid on top of his surfaces. Our animators were able to develop a system where they could go from a dormant state to an angry state.”

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The armor didn’t just react to his mood, but also whatever he was doing, including combat, and would adjust accordingly to augment his attacks.


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