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army of dead

Zack Snyder’s Is back with a zombie movie. After long years Snyder’s return to the zombie world. It Starring Dave Bautista and a bunch of zombie hunters army. After the huge success of Snyder’s justice league. now everyone is eyes on upcoming movies ‘The Army Of The Dead’


‘The Army Of The Dead’ WIll be releasing In select theaters in May and on Netflix on May 21.


Making a perfect action Flick Snyder is a top-notch director, his visualization and picture quality will be different and perfect in every movie. The plot of the movie is ‘Dawn of dead 2004’ which roots from Snyder’s style while bringing back to 2021. The movie is R-Rated Because of the Zombie Killing scene and kills count. it might be horrible. The team in the movie is the master hunter of zombies. the movie is a zombie heist one

The plot of the movie ‘Army of the Dead‘ a team of mercenaries, led by Bautista’s Ward, who are tasked with breaking into a Las Vegas casino’s vault in the wake of a zombie invasion that’s turned the city into a quarantine zone.

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This could be a comeback to Zack Snyder’s from his loss. ‘Army of the dead’ will hit on-screen from may at streaming platform NETFLIX.


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