Zack Snyders’s Justice Leauge Review-One of the best comic book movie

Snyder cut is the movie every DC fans have been waiting for for a long time its just a completely different version from the theatrical version there were many moments you would have thought it should have released in theaters.The character development like in the case of cyborg he was just boring as hell in the theatrical version but in snyders cut he was the heart of the whole movie.


The only thing that bothered me was the run time they could have trimmed the movie a bit but we understand that snyder does not want to waste any of the scenes,even tough it was 4 hours long it was just really gripping and was more like a whole different movie and when it comes to the story its the same story but snyders way of execution was really different and there was more depth in to it.Over all justice leauge is one of the best comic book movies ever made and we hope they do a sequel to this movie

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