Zoey Deutch Spotted On The Set Of Hulu’s Upcoming Film ‘Not Okay’

Zoey Deutch Spotted

As filming on Zoey Deutch starring the new Hulu film Not Okay began in New York City on Friday, she proved to be quite active with costume changes. The 26-year-old actress arrived on set with a lot of energy, donning four distinct hairstyles to play a fame-hungry millennial.

Hulu’s Not Okay centers on a misguided young woman who, desperate for friends and fame, fake a trip to Paris to up her social media presence when a terrifying incident takes place in the real world and becomes part of her imaginary trip.

Zoey Deutch Spotted

Plot : Danni Sanders, a foolish lady so desperate for friends and fame that she fakes a vacation to Paris before things go horribly wrong, was seen in character as the lead of Before I Fall. On the set of Quinn Shephard’s film, Zoey was spotted sporting two-toned blonde and brown hair.

Her first outfit consisted of a multi-colored checkered short skirt, a white cap sleeve blouse with buttons undone to reveal her midriff, and pink platform heels. While impersonating an attention-seeking adolescent, Zoey flaunted her two-toned hair and took a few photos.

Zoey Deutch Spotted

In one clip, Deutch was shown as her character taking photos and faking joy for the camera before ramping up the hunger. She twisted and swirled for the camera in a second ensemble that comprised flared denim pants and an argyle patterned T-shirt.

Zoey Deutch Spotted


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