Brendan Fraser Is Ready To Do An New ‘The Mummy’ Movie If The Script Is Ready

Brendan Fraser Is Ready To Do An New 'The Mummy' Movie If The Script Is Ready

Brendan Fraser is ready to return to the Mummy Franchise if the script is ready for a new film. Speaking to GQ, Fraser told whether or not he’d return for a new ‘The Mummy’ movie. he told “Absolutely! Do you have a script? Yeah! It was great fun. Are you kidding?”

Fraser appeared in the 3 films The Mummy (1999), The Mummy Returns (2001), and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008). In the film, he plays the role of Rick O’Connell.

Fraser revealed that he enjoyed his time making The Mummy movie. told Stephen Sommers’ directing style led to some exciting moments on set.

“It was thrilling. It had a little bit of, not danger per se, but some risk-taking to it also that felt like, well what will happen today? Will we survive? Stephen Sommers, one of his favorite directions that he would give was, he’d go, ‘Ready, and, don’t suck! Action!’ through a bullhorn. And we’d be like, ‘Ahh,’ and things would blow up and stuff would fall down, and then animals on fire. ‘Okay, we got it. Let’s do it again, we’re here!’ Stephen just loves making movies. He loved his job, and his enthusiasm’s infectious. I loved making that movie.”

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Fraser has said he will not attend the Golden Globe Awards after their former president Philip Berk assaulted him. The HFPA found that Mr. Berk “inappropriately touched” Fraser, but that it “was intended to a joke and not sexual advance”.

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