First Look at Cristin Milioti As Sofia Falcone In HBO Max’s “The Penguin” Series

First Look at Cristin Milioti As Sofia Falcone In HBO Max’s “The Penguin” Series

The first look at Cristin Milioti as Sofia Falcone in HBO Max’s “The Penguin” series has been revealed. The series is set to premiere on HBO Max in 2024.

Milioti was spotted on the set of the forthcoming spin-off series of The Batman. See the images below.

“The Penguin” began filming in March 2023 in New York City. Several videos and images were spread across the internet. The series is created by Matt Reeves, Dylan Clark, and Lauren LeFranc.

Directed by Craig Zobel. It stars Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, Cristin Milioti as Sofia Falcone, Clancy Brown as Salvatore Maroni, Rhenzy Felix, Michael Kelly, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and Deirdre O’Connell.

Who Is Sofia Falcone In DC Comics?

In DC Comics, Sofia Falcone is a member of the Falcone crime family, a powerful criminal organization in Gotham City. Sofia is the daughter of the crime boss Carmine Falcone, and she’s known for her intelligence, strategic thinking, and impressive fighting skills. Sofia has been involved in many storylines, including attempts to take over her father’s criminal empire. She has also had relationships with other Gotham City criminals, including Catwoman and Batman. Over the years, Sofia has become a popular character in the DC universe, and she has been featured in various adaptations, including the TV series Gotham and the video game Batman: Arkham Knight.

“The Penguin” will premiere on HBO Max in 2024.

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