First Trailer For Netflix Limited Series ‘Obsession’ Starring Richard Armitage, Charlie Murphy, and Rish Shah

First Trailer For Netflix Limited Series 'Obsession'

Netflix’s Obsession Is Coming On April

Netflix revealed the first trailer for the limited series ‘Obsession‘ starring Richard Armitage, Charlie Murphy, and Rish Shah. It follows a respected London surgeon whose affair with his son’s fiancée turns into an erotic infatuation that threatens to change their lives forever. Watch the trailer below.

The erotic thriller stars Richard Armitage as William, Charlie Murphy as Anna Barton, Indira Varma as Ingrid, Rish Shah as Jay Farrow, Marion Bailey as Elizabeth, Sonera Angel as Sally Farrow, Anil Goutam as Edward, Kerim Hassan as Johnno, Victor Pontecorvo as Olivier, Greg Barnett as Patrick Clacy, Celine Arden as Mimi, Francesca Knight as Nadia, Isla Jackson-Ritchie as Receptionist, Letty Thomas as Lynnette, and Ed Hughes as Psychotherapist. ‘Obsession’ is rated TV-MA for nudity, sex, language, and smoking (Via: FanSided).

The series is based on Josephine Hart’s novel Damage, and the story revolves around a dangerous love triangle that arises when the enigmatic Anna Barton starts a passionate affair with her fiance’s father, William. Even though Anna struggles to keep both relationships alive, William is driven into an obsessive spiral.

The series was created and written by Morgan Lloyd-Malcolm for Netflix. The series will premiere on Netflix on April 13, 2023.

Source: YouTube

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