Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis Will Start Filming In This Fall

Francis Ford Coppola's Megalopolis Will Start Filming

Francis Ford Coppola is planning a fall 2022 shoot for his upcoming epic ‘Megalopolis’, with a budget of $100-$120 million. Oscar Isaac, Cate Blanchett, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Lange, and Zendaya have all been in talks for main leads in the film.

Megalopolis is being defined as a Roman epic “in the traditional Cecile B. DeMille or Ben-Hur way,” but told as “a modern counterpart focusing on America,” so the budget isn’t surprising, but it is surprising (to an extent) that Coppola, with all of his experience and the weight of his name in the industry, hasn’t gotten the support he needs to make it happen. Surely, Francis Ford Coppola will find a way to bring Megalopolis to life, while studios continue to pour their resources into projects that have the potential to become franchises or star characters that the public is already familiar with.

In a candid interview from 1997, he discussed his biggest regret: “The film industry that we’re leaving to the next generation is not quite as good as the one we received.” Now nearing the end of his career, his hope is to rectify that. His vision of Megalopolis presents an optimistic future for the younger generations, paralleling his aspirations for cinema’s future. He said of the project that “no one wants to make a picture that really talks to young people in a hopeful way, that we are in a position to get together and solve any problem thrown at us. That is what I believe, and it is what the theme of the picture really is.” Megalopolis might be a precarious venture, but no one swings harder than Coppola.

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