Henry Cavill Was Forced To Leave “The Witcher” Series Due To Toxic Behavior

Henry Cavill Was Forced To Leave "The Witcher" Series Due To Toxic Behavior

Henry Cavill‘s toxic behavior caused problems for Netflix and the entire “The Witcher” set. According to sources, Cavill’s unusual behavior toward his coworkers is disrespectful and toxic; however, he makes script changes that are convenient for him.

Henry Cavill Is Behaving Toxic In The Witcher Set

We all thought there might be a strong reason behind Cavill’s exit from The Witcher series. However, an insider told an episode of Spotify’s Deux U podcast that Cavill would rewrite scenes without informing the other actors in the scenes until it was time to shoot. He made the decision that he did not want any romantic sequences at all. No kissing, no shirtless scenes, and so forth. He wanted complete control over storylines but had little clue about the limitations of TV, its structure, its budget, etc. He formed an unusual alliance with a writer who was also a gamer, who was eventually fired after multiple HR complaints.

Cavill started making comments. It wasn’t a sexual thing: he wasn’t grabbing anyone or being lewd, but it was disrespectful and toxic all the same. He’s deeply addicted to video games, to the point where it was like working with any other addict. He was distracted, he was late, and he was obsessive. And a lot of people think that the misogyny came from the gaming world. Video game bro language is not how you talk to coworkers. and he wouldn’t stop. Someone on the show compared it to watching people get brainwashed by Qanon.

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Cavill announced his exit from The Witcher series after three seasons in October. He will be replaced in Season 4 by Liam Hemsworth. “My journey as Geralt of Rivia has been filled with both monsters and adventures,” Cavill said in a statement.

The Witcher is now streaming on Netflix.

Source: Fandome Wire

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