Hypnotic Review: Ben Affleck In A Twisty Thriller of Mind Control, Family Secrets, and Escaping the Division

Hypnotic Review: Ben Affleck

Hypnotic, directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Ben Affleck and Alice Braga, presents an intriguing premise with a detective, a missing daughter, and psychics. However, the film falls short of delivering on its lofty aspirations, borrowing elements from other films without achieving the same level of success.

In the film, Detective Danny Rourke (Ben Affleck) embarks on a quest to find his missing daughter, uncovering a complex web of mind control and government conspiracies. As he delves deeper, Rourke discovers his own hypnotic abilities and must navigate a world of deception and manipulation. The film weaves a gripping narrative filled with plot twists, as Rourke and fortuneteller Diana Cruz (Alice Braga) evade their pursuers and seek the truth. With a thrilling climax and unexpected revelations, “Hypnotic” offers a captivating experience of suspense and redemption.

Hypnotic Review: Ben Affleck

What happens at the end of Hypnotic?

Detective Rourke is reunited with his daughter, Minnie, who has developed powerful hypnotic abilities. They escape the pursuing Division agents, and Minnie defeats them using her powers. In a mid-credits scene, the director of the division is revealed to have survived.

One of the film’s prominent issues lies in its inability to fully grasp the concepts it strives to emulate, inviting inevitable comparisons that it struggles to live up to. While Hypnotic checks off many familiar boxes, such as characters explicitly explaining the plot to each other and the audience, the frequent shifting of rules, and moments of corny sci-fi, it fails to add a unique touch or offer a fresh perspective.

Hypnotic Review: Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck’s involvement as the lead actor, while an A-list presence, unfortunately, feels lackluster. Affleck’s performance lacks the emotional depth and investment needed to truly captivate the audience. Despite moments where the film attempts to break free and explore its ambitious vision, the execution remains muddled, preventing it from reaching its full potential.

However, Hypnotic does have its moments of intrigue. The film’s strongest moments occur when it dares to let loose, unraveling its intricate web of a story. As the narrative unfolds, it gradually reveals its hand, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. However, these instances are fleeting, leaving audiences longing for a more consistent and satisfying experience.

In conclusion, Hypnotic struggles to find its own unique voice amidst familiar tropes and concepts borrowed from other films. While it has moments of intrigue and an ambitious vision, the execution falls short of its potential. With Ben Affleck’s performance feeling somewhat detached and the overall story lacking cohesion, the film ultimately disappoints by not fully capitalizing on its promising premise.

Maxblizz rating for Hypnotic: [45/100]

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