Jennifer Lawrence Is Set Star In The Film Adaptation Of Ariana Harwicz’s ‘Die, My Love’

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence will star in a film adaptation of Ariana Harwicz’s ‘Die, My Love’ that will be directed by Lynne Ramsay. The New York Times reported that Lawrence and Ramsay are planning to collaborate on an adaptation of Ariana Harwicz’s Die, My Love. It is described as a stark tale set in rural France of a woman driven to the brink of insanity by marriage and motherhood.

Speaking to New York Times, Lawrence teased her upcoming projects. The R-rated comedy ‘No Hard Feelings‘ is coming to theaters on June 23, 2023, watch the trailer. She added the about talent agent Sue Mengers and an adaptation of Ariana Harwicz’s novel ‘Die, My Love.’

Jennifer Lawrence

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According to the novel ‘Die, My Love’ synopsis, “In a forgotten patch of the French countryside, a woman is battling her demons: embracing exclusion yet wanting to belong, craving freedom whilst feeling trapped, yearning for family life but wanting to burn the entire house down. Given surprising leeway by her family for her increasingly erratic behavior, she nevertheless feels ever more stifled and repressed. Motherhood, womanhood, the banality of love, the terrors of desire, the brutality of ‘another person carrying your heart forever’: Die, My Love faces all this with a raw intensity. It’s not a question of if a breaking point will be reached, but rather when, and how violent a form will it take?”

Ramsay is best known for her debuts You Were Never Really Here, We Need to Talk About Kevin, and also worked on the films Morvern Collar and Ratcatcher.

Source: New York Times

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