Shawn Mendes Is Reportedly Dating Jocelyn Miranda

Shawn Mendes Is Reportedly Dating Jocelyn Miranda

Canadian singer Shawn Mendes is reportedly dating a 50-year-old chiropractor, Jocelyn Miranda, who’s nearly 30 years his senior. According to sources, Mendes has been spotted multiple times with Miranda after his breakup with Camilla Cabello. Fans began yelling at Miranda about this, and she responded with an Instagram story revealing that she was dating a holistic health coach named Stas Arsonov.

Who Is Jocelyn Miranda?

Shawn Mendes Is Reportedly Dating Jocelyn Miranda

Jocelyn Miranda is a chiropractor, who treats many Hollywood celebrities. Back in July, Mendes and Miranda walked secretly on the streets of West Hollywood during Miranda’s birthday. A Twitter user said, “No she’s his doctor, and are just close. She’s Justin Bieber’s doctor too, who also has a close relationship with her. She also has a boyfriend, lol.”

A Twitter user told “Shawn Mendes stans are obsessed with Camila. They find a way to mention her whenever they can. They need to worry about him dating Jocelyn Miranda. Desperate little baby boy needs a mommy! No young woman in her right mind would take on the responsibility of babying a grown man like that.” 

“I don’t think Shawn Mendes is dating his doctor. She seems to have physical closeness w all her patients as she errs on the more spiritual and holistic side etc. But… she’s hot and I wouldn’t be surprised if things have happened that’s all ima say.”

Source: Twitter

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