The Wilds Season 2 Wrapped Up Filming

The Wilds Season 2

Filming on Season 2 of “The Wilds” in New Zealand came to an end today. The confirmation comes from the Amazon Prime series‘ official social media channels. After being renewed only a week after its premiere in December of last year, work on the second season began on April 12.

In its second season, the sitcom has added several new characters to its cast. Seth Novak (Alex Fitzalan, Slender Man), Aidan Laprete (The Society, Slender Man), Charles Alexander (Kirin O’Conner), Miles Gutierrez-Riley (Ivan Taylor), Nicholas Coombe (Josh Herbert), Reed Shannon (Scotty Simms), Tanner Ray Rook (Bo Leonard), and Zack Calderon (Rafael Garcia) have all joined the Girls.

The Wilds Season 2

Season one of “The Wilds” features a group of teenage girls when their plane crashes, leaving them trapped on a lonely island. Season 2 will include ten episodes, much as the previous season. Because the series does not require any special effects or CGI, it will be ready well before the season 2 debut in 2022.

Following an aircraft crash, a group of young girls from diverse backgrounds find themselves trapped on a secluded island. The castaways clash and connect as they discover more about each other, their secrets, and the traumas they’ve all gone through. In this compelling story, there is only one surprise: these girls did not end there on this island by chance.

Sophia Taylor Ali (Fatin Jadmani), Rachel Griffiths (Gretchen Klein), Helena Howard (Nora Reid), Shannon Berry (Dot Campbell), Erana James (Toni Shalifoe), David Sullivan (Daniel Faber), Reign Edwards (Rachel Reid), Troy Winbush (Dean Young), Jenna Clause (Martha Blackburn), and Mia Healey (Martha Blackburn) star in the first season of (Shelby Goodkind).

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