“Tron: Ares” Set to Begin Filming on July 2023 (Exclusive)

"Tron: Ares" Set to Begin Filming on July 2023 (Exclusive)

Tron: Ares,” the highly anticipated sequel to “Tron: Legacy,” is reportedly scheduled to begin filming on July 3, 2023, in Vancouver, BC, Canada, under the production of Walt Disney Pictures.

The film is directed by Joachim Rønning from a screenplay by Jesse Wigutow. The film stars Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn, Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley/Tron, Olivia Wilde as Quorra, and Jared Leto

Produced by Jared Leto, Justin Springer, and Emma Ludbrook. The film is supported by Walt Disney Pictures and Paradox Studios, with distribution handled by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

"Tron: Ares" Set to Begin Filming on July 2023 (Exclusive)

Justin Springer, attending Walt Disney World’s All the Disney Thrills event, expressed that he believes “the right time” has come for Tron 3, after discussing the project with Comicbook.com. Springer said, “Yeah, I’m a producer on whatever the upcoming film becomes, and hopefully we’ll get to make it one day soon, but we’re still in development on it. And there’s not much that I can say about that just because we want to get everything in order and we want to make sure we have a movie that feels like it meets the ambition of the things that have come before it. So I would love to do it. And I think now the ideas that we’ve explored in Tron and where you would imagine those ideas evolving are more relevant than they’ve ever been. So it feels like the right time. And there’s a giant ride here now, and there’s one in Shanghai, but we have to get it right. We have to get the story right, and we have to get the team right. And so there’s still stuff to do before we have much to say about the movie.”

“Tron: Legacy” is a science fiction film directed by Joseph Kosinski and released on December 17, 2010. It serves as a sequel to the original “Tron” film from 1982, directed by Steven Lisberger. The movie stars Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn, Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn/CLU, and Olivia Wilde as Quorra. In the film, Sam Flynn enters a digital world called “The Grid” to find his missing father, encountering dangerous programs and facing off against the corrupt CLU to save both worlds.

When is “Tron: Ares” reportedly set to begin filming?

“Tron: Ares” is reportedly set to begin filming on July 3.

What is “Tron: Ares”?

“Tron: Ares” is an upcoming American live-action film and a sequel to “Tron: Legacy.”

Who is the director of “Tron: Ares”?

The director of “Tron: Ares” is Joachim Rønning.

Who are the producers of “Tron: Ares”?

The producers of “Tron: Ares” include Jared Leto, Justin Springer, and Emma Ludbrook.

Who has written the screenplay for “Tron: Ares”?

The screenplay for “Tron: Ares” has been written by Jesse Wigutow.

Which studios are involved in the production of “Tron: Ares”?

“Tron: Ares” is backed by Walt Disney Pictures and Paradox Studios.

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