What Causes Instagram to Delete/Remove Accounts?

What Causes Instagram to Delete/Remove Accounts?

Some users recently reported that their Instagram accounts were deleted and they were unable to log in. A few users reported that the accounts were deleted without any notice or warning. Users have been trying to recover the accounts, however, since Instagram does not have a live support medium they are finding it to be too hectic and time-consuming. In this article, we will be going through some of the possible reasons that could have caused the Account to be deleted. Moreover, some tips on avoiding these will be shared as well.

Deletion/Removal of Accounts

There could be various reasons why Instagram accounts get deleted without prior notice or warnings. Inactivity for a long time is a potential reason, but Instagram did not inform the users about the disability of their account. When the users tried to log in, they faced errors like “Username not found”, “We’re sorry, something went wrong” or “Your account has been disabled”.

However, on 18th July 2019, Instagram changed its policy on the deletion of accounts and if any suspicious activity or violation of terms were to be found in an account, they would notify the user of the closure of their account.

Violation of Terms

Let’s start with the most basic and known reason for an account being deleted. Violation of Instagram’s rules and terms. This may include illegal content such as hate speech, terrorism, abuse, offering of sexual services or selling of drugs or firearms, spamming, nudity, and violence.

If your account is reported for any of the above-mentioned violations by a number of other users or detected by the system itself it could potentially lead to the removal of your account.

If the violation is made of the drug sales or sexual solicitation policies, this leads to a direct ban as mentioned by the Facebook-owned company.

For abuse or hate speech, if a number of accounts report the same problem, then the account is taken down as well with a prior warning or even a temporary suspension on your account. Instagram will inform that they wanted to make sure that it is a safe platform for all its users and that such actions will not be left unseen. Read more on IG.


Another likely common reason is inactivity. Not all users are attracted to Instagram to an extent that they check their accounts regularly or even on a monthly basis. When the company detects long inactivity, it might disable your account permanently or till the time you log back in.

Fake Accounts

People like to boast about the number of followers they have. This led to many fake accounts being created solely to serve the purpose of increasing the said parameter.

Instagram recently said that they wanted the platform to have a much better user experience and to maintain integrity which ensures that real users are interacting with real-life people just like them.

Instagram deletes accounts that have artificially increased follower counts. This means that if you have paid for around 500 followers there is a very high chance that all of them might disappear or you might even lose your account.

Instagram Auto Likes

Bots lead to Instagram auto likes features. How the auto-like feature actually works is that posts of followers who have either purchased or created bots automatically get the like count increased. Another version we could call the auto-like feature is that posts are liked by accounts whose actual users have no information that the said post was liked by them.

If such a scenario is detected by Instagram on any account it leads to the permanent removal of the account as it spoils the experience for genuine application users.


Account deletion through spamming would not happen instantly but little suspensions and warnings are given. Spamming includes spamming likes on posts of random users, spamming messages on users’ direct messages, or spamming posts. Any such activity can be a potential reason for the removal of your account.

How to Avoid Deletion/Removal of Instagram Account

We have gone through the reasons that would lead to the deletion of your account. However, there are steps that you could take to avoid your account from being suspended permanently.

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