26 Great Ideas Of Going Away Gifts For Neighbors

26 Great Ideas Of Going Away Gifts For Neighbors

Are you looking for going away gifts for neighbors? Despite the fact that most of our interactions these days involve texts and emails, a survey found that neighborly relationships are still regarded as being intact. Buying presents for neighbors can be challenging because you never know what they might appreciate.

Generally speaking, going away gifts don’t have to be as intimate as a birthday or holiday gift could be. How personal you make your gift depends on how well you know your neighbors. Going with something more general is definitely acceptable, as long as you consider whether or not they’ll appreciate it.

However, if you’re having trouble thinking of the ideal present to give to neighbors who are leaving, you’ve come to the proper place! We’ve compiled a list of 26 going-away gifts for neighbors with the goal of making your neighbor smile in mind.

26 Going Away Gifts For Neighbors

1. IMAGE Wind Chimes

Anyone’s home can become a heaven on earth with the help of a tranquil wind chime. The best wind chime currently available is this one featuring a hummingbird.

The ultra-realistic hummingbird model and new hummingbird lights. Hummingbirds can easily flip between seven different colors. A waterproof design means you don’t have to worry about snow or rain. It’s ideal for decorating the living room, bedroom, hallway, patio, lawn, and garden!

2. Nuts Gift Basket

Gourmet gift baskets are given to loved ones and friends as a sign of your concern for them. Giving this special nut gift basket to your neighbors who are moving away may therefore be very well welcomed. Numerous types of nuts, all of which are of the highest caliber and, most importantly, delicious to begin with, are included in the package.

3. Willow Tree Mi Casa

Your task is over if you’re looking for a thoughtful farewell present for your neighbors. This is a hand-painted resin standing figure measuring 5.5″h holding a three-dimensional metal house with an open front door and chimney in her arms. Unquestionably, this willow tree figurine is one of the cutest presents for neighbors! Your neighbors would be overjoyed to get such a lovely décor for their new house!

4. Broadway Basketeers 4 Box Gourmet Food Gift

What is a better option than a present for the farewell party? These reusable gift boxes offer a classy and lovely presentation in designer styles and complementary hues. Each gift is created and put together by our professionals, then decorated with a hand-tied bow or ribbon. It is stuffed to the brim with delectable treats to make your neighbors’ mouths feel good when they move into a new neighborhood!

5. RSVP International Tool Crock Turntable Lazy Susan

This item can be the ideal addition to your foodie neighbor’s new kitchen or home bar if you wish to bid them farewell. This bamboo turntable can help you quickly and easily locate the tool you need. Additionally useful for simply organizing tiny bottles and spices in the cabinet or on the counter. This is one of the best going-away gifts for neighbors ever!

6. Mkono 4” Mini Glass Geometric Terrarium Container Set

These tiny succulent jars are quick and simple to make and would look wonderful on their own. Simple and beautiful designs with three various shapes – a globe, a triangle teardrop, and a bowl – add a contemporary and sophisticated vibe to your home or working environment. 

For housing plants like succulents, fake plants that require no maintenance, or other ornamental items, you can use this lovely creative polyhedron terrarium.

7. SOLINFOR Coworker Leaving Gifts

This Amazonite bracelet will be a lovely departure gift that she may wear every day to wish her luck in her new efforts, and it has the kindest phrase printed on the card insert. Wearing Amazonite encourages bravery, optimism, and achievement. Additionally, many people consider ladybugs to be lucky charms, wearing the ideal bracelet made of amazonite stone as she started a new chapter in her life.

8. Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar Scented

Candles are wonderful presents. There are a wide variety of perfumes that are both in style and appropriate for the season, all prepared with only pure natural extracts from the best components available.

Extra points if it’s also adorable! a wide variety of perfumes that are both in style and appropriate for the season, all prepared with only pure natural extracts from the best components available.

9. How to Swear Around the World

How to Swear Throughout the World is a phrasebook that is a must-have for everyone who travels abroad. It contains hundreds of popular curses, insults, and sayings from around the world.

This indispensable phrasebook compiles the most absurd, graphic, and colorful methods to reprimand individuals from all around the world. The sayings include terms for X-rated relationships with animals as well as common swear words and family curses.

10. DEWALT 20V MAX Combo Kit

Your neighbor used to always borrow that one tool from you when they lived close by. Perhaps it was an electric screwdriver similar to this one. This package comes with a charger, two 20V MAX* 2ah lithium-ion batteries, a tool bag, a drill/driver, an impact driver, and a circular saw. Besides, the DCD780 drill/driver is made to be small and light for confined situations.

11. Decorative and Monogrammed Hand Towels

Of course, heartfelt gifts can also be given to neighbors who are moving away. Our authentic Turkish cotton hand towels are made to the highest standards of quality and are incredibly soft and long-lasting so you get the most use out of your purchase.

Each hand towel is produced in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 facility, a third-party certification program that guarantees our hand towels adhere to strict safety and environmental standards.

12. VintageView Le Rustique 6 Bottle Wall Mounted

Choose this personalized wine bottle holder as an extra-special thank-you gift for your neighbor. This metal wine rack, which combines old-world charm with a contemporary label-forward design to satisfy any collection requirements, is the ideal combination of size and storage.

When holding your gorgeous wine bottles, the sophisticated styling and clean lines of these bottle holders create an almost imperceptible appearance.

13. Fun Puns Owl – I Miss You Card

Even if you’re no Pablo Picasso, you can still create this going away card, which can be printed and then written in your own hand. Homemade cards usually mean so much more, though. A goodbye and a farewell are never easy. Sending a card and a message to say you’ve missed helps shorten the distance. Send a quirky and humorous card to someone you miss using this method!

14. Fairy’s Gift Scented Candles

Give this Sarcastic New Neighbor Candle to your neighbor as a parting gift to let them know how much you’ll miss them! These soy candles burn smoothly and cleanly since it is made of natural soy wax; it is ideal for your house, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, and other spaces. These candles will convey to your less amicable neighbors what a special friendship you shared! I’m sure that these candles would be perfect 50th birthday gifts for women or any occasion.

15. Housewarming Gifts

This substantial Handcrafted Novelty New Home Essentials Gift is built to withstand high heat using strong materials and eco-friendly dyes. The ceramic mug offers the best value for your money because of its long lifespan. If you’ve been looking for a wonderful gift to offer on a housewarming day, your quest is over because ceramic mugs have long been a traditional welcome gift.

16. For An Awesome Neighbor Scented Candle

Although humans may not have as keen a sense of smell as animals, research has shown that inhaling calming scents can help people feel more at ease. This candle is amusing and everyone who enjoys candles will enjoy its quality and humor. Because of this, giving your favorite neighbor this perfumed candle as a departure present is a wonderful option.

17. LASER ETCHED Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler Mug

Giving something useful, rather than something artistic that they’ll probably never use, is usually appreciated. The cup and lid are made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, is dishwasher safe, and are BPA-free. The sentiment of giving presents to a neighbor who is moving away is encapsulated in this “best neighbor” tumbler: you are grateful and want the person to be content.

18. Doodle World Map Pillowcase

Every time they cuddle up to this lovely pillow in their new home, they’ll be brought back to their old one. The globe map design on the color-in doodle pillowcase requires children to utilize precise small coloring movements, and the provided double-ended washable markers (one thin end, one thicker end) provide additional versatility.

19. Espoma SS8 8-Quart Organic Seed Starter

While it’s a shame they won’t be able to take the majority of their hard work in the garden with them when they move, you may assist them by providing beginning seeds for some of the things they were growing before – such as flowers, veggies, or herbs – so they can start from scratch at their new house.

20. Spa Gift Baskets

Everyone might use some assistance unwinding through the anxiety of a relocation. With stress-relieving treats, you may give your neighbors a “spa day in a box.” A multi-purpose basket can be used wherever to display or arrange things in your bathroom. It is packaged in a gorgeously wrapped, handcrafted basket and comes with a present note card that you can personalize.

21. MAWODE T10 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Modern small Bluetooth speakers are fantastic for rapidly setting up with some nice tunes because they provide excellent sound quality for a modest price. Create a personalized “moving playlist” for your neighbors on Spotify or another streaming service if you really want to go the extra mile. It is capable of removing the negative impact on the jet flow of nozzles in all directions.

22. Sage Smudge Kit

Give your neighbors a sage cleansing kit so they can use it to balance the energy in their new house if they are spiritually inclined. These items, which are also known as smudge kits, typically contain sage, crystals, and herbs to help your neighbors’ new place be cleansed and energized. If they are new to smudging or have previous expertise with spiritual cleaning, this sage smudge stick package is ideal for them.

23. Homesick Premium Scented Candle

Think a candle can’t be a thoughtful farewell present? Think again. Handcrafted candles known as “homesick-scented candles” are made to smell like specific towns and states. Examples include the Boston candle, which reminds one of spiced tea, and the Illinois candle, which has undertones of honeysuckle and grain.

Your neighbors would appreciate having this cozy memento of the home if they are relocating to a different city or state.

24. Ring Dish Square Trinket Tray

This is particularly true if you want to offer someone meaningful but practical stuff to let them know you care and they are valued. A special gift for your neighbor on Thanksgiving and Christmas, a daily reminder of how fortunate you are to call her your friend. Each ring dish is made from high-quality glazed ceramic, is stylish and elegant, and is safely packaged for gift-giving.

25. UOKPT Lavender Scented Candle Gifts

Transform your friend’s house with the wonderful friendship present of lavender. Your best friend will appreciate the thoughtful gifts of unique candles that have been chosen with them in mind. Even better, you may mix and match them to create the ideal gift basket. Funny gifts that you won’t soon forget are ideal for any occasion because they aren’t too heavy to transport.

26. Hazel & Creme Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket

These cookies are made by hand and have undergone testing. They have a very excellent unique flavor. To guarantee your complete happiness, they are created using fresh, premium-quality ingredients.

Such a great edible would be a lovely additional gift for your neighbor. It makes it an even better present because of the box that it comes in. It is a wonderful farewell gift for your neighbors.


Above is our recommendation of what we consider the best going-away gifts for neighbors. Any of the aforementioned presents will make your neighbors happy, and sometimes the best farewell present is simply a sincere goodbye and the sharing of a memory or two.

Whatever you decide to do, your neighbors will undoubtedly appreciate that you took the time to wish them luck as they move to their new house.

If you feel this list is not enough, go to giftOMG for more.

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