Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up Has Recorded The Biggest Week of Views In Netflix history With 152M Stream Hours

Adam McKay’s Don't Look Up Has Recorded 152M Stream Hours

Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up starring Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio has recorded the biggest week of views in Netflix history with more than 152 million hours streamed. The film follows Two astronomers going on a media tour to warn humankind of a planet-killing comet hurtling toward Earth. The response from a distracted world: Meh.

Don’t Look Up ends with the destruction of planet Earth. … (As it turns out, there is one man left on Earth: Jason. Having hidden away in a bunker, he miraculously survives the comet’s impact, though how long he’ll survive on a scorched Earth remains to be seen.)

Adam McKay’s Don't Look Up Has Recorded 152M Stream Hours

The star-studded cast includes Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Timothée Chalamet, Scott Mescudi, Cate Blanchett, Chris Evans, Ariana Grande, and Meryl Streep.

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Don’t Look Up highlights the importance of people. People are split on the information Randall and Kate present for most of the film, and they ignore the obvious, refusing to look up at the reality. While the film is a metaphor for climate change, the tale is mostly about the folks in Don’t Look Up. Its main message is that everyone has to work together and prioritize the needs of others and the environment before personal preferences and views. Everyone pauses what they’re doing at a critical point to look up at the night sky, and it’s at that moment that a true feeling of harmony among the world’s people is completely realized.

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Don’t Look Up was nominated at SCL Awards 2022 for composer Nicholas Britell for Outstanding Original Score for a Studio Film.

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