Chris Evans Revealed Some ‘Marvel’ Stars Will Cameo In ‘Ghosted’

Chris Evans Revealed Some 'Marvel' Stars Will Cameo In 'Ghosted'

The Marvel stars will have a cameo in the upcoming Apple TV+ movie ‘Ghosted‘ starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. Evans, who played the role of Captain America, revealed that there are some cameos in ‘Ghosted’ featuring some “Marvel buddies.”

Speaking to Good Morning America while promoting the upcoming Apple TV+ film ‘Ghosted’, the former Captain America star himself revealed, “There are some cameos, that’s right. Can we give that away?” Evans laughed, seemingly nervous that the Marvel gods would appear from the ceiling and interrupt the broadcast. Nothing like that happened, so he was in the clear! He said, “Yeah, we had some old Marvel buddies back.”

He continued, “I hate asking people for cameos. It’s the worst!” When asked if he thinks his Marvel co-stars like doing cameos, Evans replied, “If it fits into their schedules, I suppose, but these guys rose to the challenge. They were there for me; it was great.” (Via Uproxx)

Is it Scarlett Johansson, who Evans mentioned has a Marvel cameo? Well, at first, Johansson was about to play the role opposite Evans in ‘Ghosted’, but she was later replaced by Ana de Armas.

‘Ghosted’ will be released by Apple TV+ on April 21, 2023.

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