‘Dawn of the Seven: The Bourke Cut’ Trailer Revealed as a Tribute to Justice League

'Dawn of the Seven: The Bourke Cut' Trailer

The Boys Season 3 new promo teased the Justice League, As a part of promotion Vought International has released a new trailer for ‘Dawn of the Seven: The Bourke Cut‘, Bourke refers to Adam Bourke. he is the visionary director behind the “Dawn of the Seven” movie in The Boys season two. The ‘Dawn of the Seven‘ was the events of ‘The Boys Season 2‘ in which reframe Stormfront as a Nazi villainess, hence this sepia-toned Zack Snyder’s Justice League parody. watch the trailer below.

The ‘Dawn of the Seven: The Bourke Cut’ official synopsis follows,

When darkness descends on the world, and it seems all hope is lost, seven heroes will rise. Seven who will stand. Seven who will fight. Seven who will restore light and hope, and see the sunrise in a new era. This is the true story of the greatest superhero team the world has ever known. This is the Dawn of The Seven.

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Stars Homelander, Starlight, Queen Maeve, A-Train, and Black Noir. Special Guest Performance by Seth Rogen as the voice of Translucent.

Speaking of Zack Snyder, he took this promo poking fun at his style like a good sport. And he even congratulated director Adam Bourke on getting to “execute his true vision.” Well, we think that was classy of him. Synder told “Congratulations to Director Bourke. Excited to see your vision realized.”

The Boys season 3 will premiere on Amazon Prime Video with three episodes on June 3.

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