‘Dawn of the Seven: The Bourke Cut’ Trailer Revealed as a Tribute to Justice League

'Dawn of the Seven: The Bourke Cut' Trailer Revealed as a Tribute to Justice League

The Boys Season 3 new promo teased the Justice League with the ‘Dawn of the Seven: The Bourke Cut‘ trailer. The Vought International page released the trailer, along with hashtag #ReleasetheBourkeCut, a callback to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. Check out the trailer below.

Zack Snyder replied to the trailer in a Tweet, “Congratulations to Director Bourke. Excited to see your vision realized.”

Written and directed by Adam Bourke, Dawn of the Seven depicts a highly fictionalized account of the Seven’s hiring of Stormfront, the firing of A-Train, and Queen Maeve coming out as a lesbian (instead of Homelander outing her, and her real sexuality being bisexual). The film features overt pandering to the female demographic with Queen Maeve, Starlight, and Stormfront working together and delivering the tagline “Girls Get It Done”.

In Bourke Cut, After concerns from Stormfront over the film’s representation of women, the studio had the script rewritten by a writer named Joss.

In the aftermath of the public revelation behind Stormfront’s dark history, a new cut was announced called the Bourke Cut, which among other things, featured scenes that recontextualized Stormfront as a villain and a “Nazi Bitch” that the Seven were forced to fight.

Dawn of the Seven is based on the Seven. Produced by Vought Studios in association with Vought International.

The Boys Season 3 is now available on Prime Video.

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