Kristen Stewart Will Star In Kirsten Johnson’s Biopic Of Susan Sontag

Kristen Stewart Will Star In Kirsten Johnson’s Biopic Of Susan Sontag

Kristen Stewart (Spencer, The Twilight Saga) is set to star in Kirsten Johnson‘s biopic of writer, philosopher, and political activist Susan Sontag. Screendaily reports that the project is titled “Sontag.”

The film is still in its initial stages of development. Kirsten Johnson will direct the film, which she co-wrote with Lisa Kron. This year, filming will begin in California, New York, Paris, and Sarajevo.

Who Is Susan Sontag?

Kristen Stewart Will Star In Kirsten Johnson’s Biopic Of Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag was born in New York City in 1933 and raised mostly in Los Angeles. She completed high school at 15 and loved literature. She married while in college and had a son. She settled in New York after studying in Boston, England, and France. Her essay “Notes on Camp” about the quirky, high-low “camp” aesthetic made her famous. Against Interpretation (1966) solidified her public intellectual status. She wrote many novels, essays, and plays. Her best-known works address AIDS, illness, photography, aesthetics, and morality. Sontag was first diagnosed with cancer in 1975; after multiple recurrences, she ultimately died of leukemia in 2004.

Gabrielle Tana, Troy Lum, and Andrew Mason produced the film under their banner, Brouhaha Entertainment. In a statement, Tana said, “We’re using Berlin as a moment to kick off the project and do documentary footage of Kristen as the head of the jury and talking to her about how she’s going to become Sontag.” Gabrielle Tana added, “It will be a drama, but with a documentary aspect to it. Kirsten has a wonderful approach to storytelling, and this is reflective of that, so she will use the documentary in it.”

Kirsten Johnson is well known for her work as a cinematographer on numerous well-known feature-length documentaries, including Citizenfour and The Oath.

Kristen Stewart’s recent performance as Diana, Princess of Wales in Pablo Larran’s biographical drama Spencer (2021) earned her tremendous critical praise and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Source: Screendaily

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