Nicolas Cage Revealed His Interest In Playing DC’s Spectre

Nicolas Cage Revealed His Interest In Playing DC's Spectre

Nicolas Cage (National Treasure, Ghost Rider) has revealed his interest in playing DC’s Spectre.

During the promotion of his upcoming film “Renfield.” The stars Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult joined a Reddit live question and answer session. When a fan (montexan) asked, “Mr Cage, you’ve done Ghost Rider and now Dracula. Any other undead characters you’d like to play?” Cage replied impressively about an old DC character, Spectre. He replied, “Ohh! Yeah! Jim Corrigan, the Spectre (old DC comics character). That would be a fun one. But that’s a hard one to pull off because he’s virtually invincible, he has no weakness. You need characters that have kryptonite, that have a flaw, but he’s kinda unbeatable. But that would be a fun one. — Cage”

The Spectre (DC Comics)
Who Is Spectre In DC Comics?

In DC Comics, Spectre is a supernatural being who serves as the wrath of God, punishing the guilty and the wicked. The character’s human alter ego is Jim Corrigan, a police detective who was murdered and returned to life as the Spectre.

More About Spectre And His Appearance?

Created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily. Spectre first appeared in “More Fun Comics #52” in February 1940. The character also appeared in several DC animated series, including “Batman: The Brave and the Bold,” “Justice League Action,” and “Young Justice.” In live-action form, Spectre showed up in the television series “Smallville” and “Constantine.”

Nicolas Cage has previously played Marvel’s Ghost Rider in the films “Ghost Rider” (2007) and “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” (2012). In the films, Cage plays Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyclist who makes a deal with the devil and becomes the supernatural vigilante known as Ghost Rider.

Renfield is directed by Chris McKay and written by Ryan Ridley. It is based on an original idea by Robert Kirkman and features characters from Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula. In the film, Nicolas Cage plays Vlad the Impaler / Count Dracula, a legendary vampire and Renfield’s ill-tempered and narcissistic boss, and it also stars Nicholas Hoult as R. M. Renfield, Awkwafina as Rebecca Quincy, Ben Schwartz as Teddy Lobo, Adrian Martinez as Chris Marcos, Shohreh Aghdashloo as Ella, Bess Rous as Caitlyn, James Moses Black as Captain J. Browning, Caroline Williams as Vanessa, Brandon Scott Jones as Mark, and Miles Doleac.

Renfield will hit cinemas on April 14, 2023, by Universal Pictures.

Source: Reddit

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