Niki Caro’s The Mother Trailer Starring Jennifer Lopez Has Dropped On Netflix

Niki Caro’s The Mother Trailer

“They’re using her to get to me.” “I’m a killer… but I’m also a mother. And I will die protecting her.”

Netflix revealed the exclusive trailer for Niki Caro’s The Mother, starring Jennifer Lopez as a deadly female assassin who comes out of hiding to protect the daughter that she gave up years before, while on the run from dangerous assailants. The film will premiere on Netflix this May. Watch the trailer below.

According to Netflix’s logline, “The Mother” follows:

While fleeing from dangerous assailants, an assassin comes out of hiding to protect her daughter she left earlier in life.

Niki Caro’s The Mother Trailer
Image Source: Netflix

The film is directed by talented New Zealand filmmaker Niki Caro from a screenplay by Misha Green, Andrea Berloff, and Peter Craig, based on a story by Green. The film also stars Joseph Fiennes, Omari Hardwick, Gael García Bernal, Paul Raci, Lucy Paez, Jesse Garcia, and Yvonne Senat Jones.

The Mother will premiere on Netflix on May 12, 2023.

Source: YouTube

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