Rachel Weisz Covers The Porter Magazine 2023

Rachel Weisz Covers The Porter Magazine 2023

Rachel Weisz covers Porter Magazine 2023. Weisz was photographed by Yulia Gorbachenko for Porter Magazine. See the images below.

The British-American actress also shared one of her most ambitious projects to date, starring Elliot and Beverly Mantle, twin gynecologists in the psychological thriller Dead Ringers. The series will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on April 21, 2023. Recently the trailer dropped.

Speaking to Porter Magazine, Weisz describes the characters of Elliot and Beverly Mantle. Weisz describes Elliot as “hungry for food, sex, and experience” while Beverly is shy, reserved, and, per Weisz, “has a difficult relationship with pleasure.”

Weisz said, “Everything’s in conversation with each other in different times, and right now, we’re in a particular moment – I think the show definitely is quite now, and quite future as well.”

Weisz’s breakthrough role came in 1999 with the film “The Mummy,” in which she played the female lead opposite Brendan Fraser. She went on to star in several other successful films, including “Enemy at the Gates,” “About a Boy,” “The Constant Gardener,” and “The Bourne Legacy.”

Source: Porter Magazine

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