“The Mother” Review: Jennifer Lopez Showcases Action Prowess, but Falls Short of Captivating Audiences

"The Mother" Review

The Mother” is an action-packed thrill ride anchored by Jennifer Lopez‘s commanding performance. Niki Caro‘s direction adds depth to the genre, blending high-octane action with emotional resonance. However, while Lopez’s commitment to the role is commendable, the film itself may leave viewers yearning for a stronger execution and a more compelling storyline.

The story revolves around Mother (Lopez), an FBI assassin whose cover is compromised, leading her to relinquish her daughter and go into hiding. Fast forward twelve years, Mother’s connection, Cruise (played by Omari Hardwick), discovers that her daughter has been found. This revelation propels Mother to emerge from hiding and embark on a relentless pursuit, leaving a trail of bodies in her wake.

Niki Caro’s "The Mother" Starring Jennifer Lopez Is Now Available On Netflix

Although Jennifer Lopez gives it her all and demonstrates her skills in the action sequences, “The Mother” ultimately falls into the category of a bland and formulaic action thriller. The film lacks originality and fails to offer any standout moments. Additionally, the action scenes suffer from excessive editing, detracting from their impact and hindering the overall viewing experience.

Despite the film’s shortcomings, Jennifer Lopez’s star power and unwavering commitment to the role shine through. She navigates the ludicrous script with dedication, elevating the watchability of “The Mother” and keeping viewers engaged.

The film allows Jennifer Lopez to explore the action movie genre. While Lopez’s performance is admirable, the film struggles to deliver an exceptional experience. It falls prey to generic tropes and lacks the originality and excitement one would expect from a gripping action thriller.

According to our rating, “The Mother” is a one-time watchable film. Rating: [45/100]

“The Mother” is now available on Netflix

MovieThe Mother
DirectorNiki Caro
ScreenplayMisha Green, Andrea Berloff, Peter Craig
StoryMisha Green
CastJennifer Lopez (The Mother)
Joseph Fiennes (Adrian Lovell)
Omari Hardwick (William Cruise)
Gael García Bernal (Hector Álvarez)
Paul Raci (Jons)
Lucy Paez (Zoe)
Jesse Garcia
Yvonne Senat Jones
Release DateMay 12, 2023

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