Barry Keoghan And Christopher Abbott Replaced Paul Mescal And Tom Burke in The Irish Vengeance Thriller ‘Bring Them Down’

Barry Keoghan And Christopher Abbott in The Irish Vengeance Thriller ‘Bring Them Down’

In the Irish Vengeance Thriller ‘Bring Them Down,’ Barry Keoghan and Christopher Abbott have taken on the roles of Paul Mescal and Tom Burke. On Feb. 23, MUBI revealed the first look at Barry Keoghan and Christopher Abbott in Bring Them Down. MUBI is financing the film with Screen Ireland and the UK Global Screen Fund. Check out the image below.

Barry Keoghan And Christopher Abbott in The Irish Vengeance Thriller ‘Bring Them Down’
Image Source: MUBI

The film follows Michael (Christopher Abbott), the last son of a shepherding family, as he lives with his ailing father, Ray (Colm Meaney). Burdened by a terrible secret, Michael has isolated himself from the world. When a conflict with rival farmer Gary (Paul Ready) and his son Jack (Barry Keoghan) escalates, Michael is drawn into a devastating chain of events, forcing him to confront the horrors of his past and leaving both families permanently altered.

Bring Them Down is directed by Chris Andrews, the writer, and director of Stars of Tomorrow (2019). His works are notable in award-winning short films Stalker (2019) and Fire (2015).  

Bring Them Down is a European co-production produced by Ivana MacKinnon (Beast) of the UK-based Wild Swim, Ruth Treacy and Julianne Forde from Ireland’s Tailored Films, Jacob Swan Hyam (UK), and Jean-Yves Roubin and Cassandre Warnauts from Frakas Productions (Belgium).

Bring Them Down release date is TBA.

Source: MUBI and Deadline

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