Dakota Johnson and St. Vincent Bisexual Tape with Black Lingerie in The Nowhere Inn Trailer

Dakota Johnson and St. Vincent

Dakota Johnson and St. Vincent have plenty of company in their feature picture debut. In the new trailer for her metafictional psychological thriller The Nowhere Inn, the two-time Grammy Award winner, 38, produces a sex tape with Dakota Johnson, directed by Carrie Brownstein.

“We want you to videotape us,” Vincent (née Annie Clark) says in the video to an uneasy Brownstein, 46, as she and Johnson, 31, deliver pin-up vibes in matching black underwear.

Dakota Johnson and St. Vincent

“A narrative of two close friends trying to pull the truth out of a complicated subject before the hall of mirrors that is their artistic lives devours them completely,” the film’s description says. watch the trailer below

The mockumentary stars Clark, Brownstein, and Johnson as hyper-realized versions of themselves attempting to produce a film about Clark’s musical alter ego St. Vincent. What starts off as a genuine look into the artist’s life quickly transforms into something far stranger, commenting on the odd nature of fame while threatening to sever their connection.

Dakota Johnson and St. Vincent

In July, the Daddy’s Home singer told Interview Magazine about singing under a pseudonym. “To borrow a sports metaphor, artists and entertainers used to be the football players, while the rest of us stood in the stands watching. Now now we’re all on the field, “Clark clarified.

“We’ve all heard it a thousand times,” she added, “but social media has made it such that everyone is performing a version of themselves.” “To your point, our business is currently focusing on exhibiting authenticity rather than otherworldliness.”

The Nowhere Inn, directed by Bill Benz and written by Clark and Brownstein, had its global debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2020.

St. Vincent, Carrie Brownstein, and Dakota Johnson in The Nowhere Inn, which premieres September 17 in theaters and VOD.


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