Lily-Rose Depp Covers W Magazine’s Pop Issue 2023

Lily-Rose Depp Covers W Magazine's Pop Issue

Lily-Rose Depp covers W Magazine’s pop issue 2023. She was photographed by Tyler Mitchell for W Magazine. Rose Depp’s new picture concept for W Magazine is very similar to Britney Spears’ promotional picture for the 2004 VMAs. See the images below.

Lily-Rose Depp said she was thinking of Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, and “all the great pop stars of our time” for her role in “The Idol.” She said, “I wanted Jocelyn to be the kind of woman who can dominate a room.”

In an interview with W Magazine, Rose Depp said that during the projection of the trailer for The Idol on the SoFi screens, she rehearsed her lines with Levinson while wearing a white dress and heavy makeup. She felt nervous but excited to introduce her boyfriend, Tesfaye, to the crowd. Despite her nerves, she found the experience of being in front of a stadium full of people addicting and didn’t want to leave. She said, “I was praying to all my guardian angels. I knew we only had two takes at SoFi. I felt like I was going to my wedding—I was so dolled up and in white!”

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Lily-Rose Depp is a French-American actress and model who started her acting career with a small role in Tusk in 2014. She has since appeared in several films, including The Dancer, Planetarium, and The King, for which she received César Award nominations. Depp has been a Chanel brand ambassador since 2015. She is set to star in Moose Jaws, a film in which she will reprise her role from Tusk and Yoga Hosers. She will also make her television debut in the upcoming HBO drama series The Idol, alongside Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye. Depp has two more film debuts in the pipeline: A24’s erotic drama The Governesses and Robert Eggers’ gothic horror Nosferatu.

The Idol will air on HBO on June 4, 2023.

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