Steven Moffat Promised To Write A New “Sherlock” Season If Benedict Cumberbatch And Martin Freeman Return

Steven Moffat Promised To Write A New “Sherlock” Season

Steven Moffat, co-writer of the British mystery crime drama television series “Sherlock,” has said that if stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman return, he will begin writing the script for a new “Sherlock” season.

During the promotion of the West End play The Unfriend on the BBC Today program (Via Deadline), Moffat said he would “start writing tomorrow” if stars Cumberbatch and Freeman would return. He added, “They’re on to bigger and better things but, Martin and Benedict, please come back?”

Steven Moffat Promised To Write A New “Sherlock” Season

Back in April 2022, Speaking to Moffat said the same “I’d do Sherlock again tomorrow, why to ask me?” he told. “Mark would do it tomorrow, Sue [Vertue, producer] would do it tomorrow – we’d all just do it again.”

Moffat continues, “But if anyone thinks I’m the one getting in the way, I will confidently tell you I would start writing it tomorrow if everybody else did too… So those are the facts. We would do it, I’d do it, Mark would do it, Sue would do it. We might be too sad to get through it. And we’d need our leading men and, quite understandably, they may well feel they’ve done their time.”

From 2010 to 2017, the BBC/Netflix adaptation of “Sherlock” aired. The Sherlock series has thirteen episodes in total over four seasons. The last episode, The Final Problem, aired on January 15, 2017. The episode is as follows: A panic-stricken little girl wakes up on an airplane and finds everybody asleep. She picks a mobile phone up and hears Jim Moriarty announce, “Welcome to the final problem”. Mycroft Holmes is at home, where Sherlock and Watson trick him into revealing that their sister, Eurus, exists.

“Sherlock” is now available on Prime Video.

Source: Deadline