Werewolf by Night Review: Marvel’s Horror Gang Is Back

Werewolf by Night Review: Marvel’s Horror Gang Is Back

(Note: This article contains spoiler alerts for Werewolf by Night)

Werewolf by Night Review: Marvel, at last, brings a Horror series to the fans. The show focuses on Jack Russell, who turns into a Werewolf with the power of Bloodstone. Michael Giacchino, who directed the show put every element in vintage visual.

The werewolf would look too goofy or cheap, but you absolutely love it. It’s scary, it has gore, and it’s a breath of fresh air from the classic Marvel. The horror in this has vibes of the old Universal horror movies and it can be a universe of its own, but I would like to see this stuff connect with the main MCU.

Werewolf by Night opens with a secret group of monster hunters, who search for Bloodstone following the death of their leader. They made a deadly competition inside a mysterious room. The Bloodstone was kept inside The Man-Thing. Jack Russell, who is the friend of The Man-Thing comes to save him from the room. The monster hunters try to attack Elsa Bloodstone and Jack. Finally, they team up and save The Man-Thing. but Elsa and Jack are stuck there. Jack is afflicted with a curse of Bloodstone that turns him into a werewolf.

Werewolf by Night Review: Marvel’s Horror Gang Is Back
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The series is a horrible phase for Marvel. Incredible casting and their performances, well-inspired dialogues, matching effects, excellent photography, and dynamic action scenes. The Man-Thing is the main highlight of the series. Marvel Boss Kevin Feige knows when to bring the characters at the perfect time.

Werewolf and The Man-Thing are next expected to appear in the upcoming ‘The Blade‘ movie. The horror line will be continued in Marvel.

Werewolf by Night is incredible and one of the best shows in Marvel.

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