What Happens To Joel In “The Last of Us” Season 2?

What Happens To Joel In "The Last of Us" Season 2?

Joel‘s death happens at the start of the show’s sequel, “The Last of Us” Season 2. Joel is living in a town with Ellie, the main character, several years after the events of the previous game.

During a patrol outside the settlement, Joel and Tommy, Joel’s brother, encounter a group of survivors who are hostile toward them. After a brief altercation, Joel and Tommy are ambushed and beaten.

How Will Joel Die In “The Last of Us” Season 2?

What Happens To Joel In "The Last of Us" Season 2?

Abby is introduced as the daughter of a doctor, whom Joel killed in the season 1 finale, which sets her on a path of seeking revenge against Joel. She is a muscular and skilled fighter, and her storyline revolves around her pursuit of Joel and her eventual confrontation with him. Abby kills Joel brutally in front of Ellie, which makes her take deadly revenge against Abby for killing Joel, as well as dealing with her own trauma and loss.

Will Ellie Kill Abby?

Ellie engages in violent confrontations with Abby and her allies but ultimately chooses to spare Abby’s life. In the game’s final scenes, Ellie returns to her home settlement to discover that her girlfriend, Dina, and their child have left her. The game’s ending is open to interpretation, but it suggests that Ellie has learned to let go of her desire for revenge and is attempting to move on with her life.

“The Last of Us” Season 2 will premiere on HBO Max in late 2024.

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