White Men Can’t Jump Review: A Visually Striking Remake That Misses the Mark

White Men Can't Jump Review

The film follows two ballers opposites who are seemingly miles apart, find they might have more in common than they imagined possible.

The remake of ‘White Men Can’t Jump‘ brings together a talented cast and showcases stunning visuals, but unfortunately falls short of delivering a truly necessary and impactful film. The script, penned by Kenya Barris and Doug Hall, intentionally keeps the main character Jeremy’s inner life vague, focusing instead on his love for basketball and the challenges he faces due to injuries. Jack Harlow makes his acting debut as Jeremy, bringing an authentic enthusiasm to the role.

The plot revolves around Jeremy (played by Jack Harlow), a basketball enthusiast whose dreams of becoming a professional player were shattered due to injuries to his ACL. Unable to pursue a career as a player, Jeremy now earns a living by training young athletes and using his underestimated skills to con local players in games.

White Men Can't Jump Review

Jeremy’s life takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with Kamal (played by Sinqua Walls), another talented athlete who also missed his chance at making it to the NBA. Despite their initial differences, Jeremy and Kamal form an unlikely friendship based on their shared love for the game. As they spend more time together, their bond grows stronger, and they develop a mutual respect for each other’s abilities.

The cinematography by Tommy Maddox-Upshaw beautifully captures the golden-hour splendor of Los Angeles, adding to the visual appeal of the film. The score by Marcelo Zarvos combines elements of old school and new, providing a fitting backdrop to the story.

However, despite these technical achievements, the film struggles to justify its own existence. While it is a serviceable, breezy, and occasionally amusing update, there’s a sense that it lacks a genuine purpose. The narrative tries to rectify some of the faults of the original and surprises viewers with new twists, but it still fails to fully captivate.

As a feel-good sports film, it provides entertainment, particularly for home viewing. However, it’s important to note that the original film wasn’t considered a masterpiece of sports filmmaking, so this remake didn’t have an arduous task in living up to its predecessor. Ultimately, ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ offers a pleasant viewing experience, but it may not leave a lasting impression like the original did.

According to our review, White Men Can’t Jump has scored [45/100]

White Men Can’t Jump will premiere on Hulu on Friday, May 19, 2023.

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