X-Men: Fear the Beast Leaked Script Contains Jean Grey, Wolverine, Wendigo, And Mr. Sinister

X-Men: Fear the Beast Script Leaked Online

X-Men: Fear the Beast Script Is Awesome

The unofficial script for the X-Men spinoff “X-Men: Fear the Beast” has been leaked online by the r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers subreddit. The script is penned by Byron Burton from a story by Burton and John Ottman. The film centers on Nicholas Hoult’s Hank McCoy/Beast struggling to control his mutation before heading to an Inuit village to help an old friend.

X-Men: Fear the Beast Script Leaked Online

X-Men: Fear the Beast Includes Cameos Of Jean Grey, Wolverine, Wendigo, And Mr. Sinister

The script also features cameos of Jean Grey, Wolverine, Wendigo, and Mr. Sinister. This film would have also led to an 80s set Omega Red movie with Sinister testing the X-Men. 20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise ends with the release of The New Mutants (2020). The rights to X-Men characters are now held by Marvel Studios. According to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, an X-Men reboot is currently in development and will take place in the MCU.

The synopsis follows, “Hank has provided the man with a sample of his serum, but things have taken a vicious turn. Hank goes in search of the man, who he discovers has been terrorizing the Inuit village. The journey all leads to a showdown in which Hank teams up with Wolverine, whom Professor X has located using Cerebro. The very end of the film ends with a tag revealing the villain Mr. Sinister has been watching the proceedings.”

Kinberg allegedly canceled the project because it conflicted with his larger plans for the X-franchise in general and Wolverine in particular. Ottman had no hard feelings, though by this point he’d become so attached to the idea that he would have pushed to direct the film himself had Fox been interested.

Source: Reddit

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