Infinity Pool Is Now Available On VOD, Is Infinity Pool Worth Watching?

Infinity Pool Is Now Available On VOD

Infinity Pool, starring Alexander SkarsgårdMia Goth, and Cleopatra Coleman, is now available on VOD. The film follows a struggling writer (Skarsgård) and his wife (Coleman) on vacation, who discover the country’s dark culture following an accident. The film has grossed $4.9 million worldwide. The film premiered at the 2023 Berlin International Film Festival and the 2023 Sundance Film Festival.

Where To Watch Infinity Pool?

Infinity Pool Is Now Available On VOD

Infinity Pool is now available on Amazon Prime Video and digital platforms. The film will be available on DIsney+ on July 8th.

From director Brandon CronenbergInfinity Pool follows, “While staying at an isolated island resort, James (Alexander Skarsgård) and Em (Cleopatra Coleman) are enjoying a perfect vacation of pristine beaches, exceptional staff, and soaking up the sun. But guided by the seductive and mysterious Gabi (Mia Goth), they venture outside the resort grounds and find themselves in a culture filled with violence, hedonism, and untold horror. A tragic accident leaves them facing a zero-tolerance policy for a crime: either you’ll be executed, or, if you’re rich enough to afford it, you can watch yourself die instead.”

Is Infinity Pool Worth Watching?

Infinity Pool is a strong contender for the most out-of-this-world slice of resort horror to date. Infinity Pool pushes the burgeoning subgenre of “eat-the-rich” movies to greater levels. “Infinity Pool,” Brandon Cronenberg’s third film, is also the first to suggest that his talent for instilling fear is genuinely artistic rather than genetic. Anyone who believes this was created by a nepo baby is insane.

Because of its graphic violence and sexual content, the film is strongly recommended for those aged 18 and over.

According to the BFI review, a movie this technically skilled—and, in its way, gutsy—should deserve more than a Jean Brodie-ish acknowledgment that, for people who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they’ll like. But in the absence of anything that might mitigate or contextualize Cronenberg’s atrocity exhibition—like, say, the affecting, complex parental themes of Possessor—it’s hard to say much else.

Infinity Pool Cast:

  • Alexander Skarsgård as James Foster
  • Mia Goth as Gabi Bauer
  • Cleopatra Coleman as Em Foster
  • Jalil Lespert as Alban Bauer
  • Thomas Kretschmann as Detective Thresh
  • Amanda Brugel as Jennifer
  • Caroline Boulton as Bex
  • John Ralston as Dr. Bob Modan
  • Jeffrey Ricketts as Charles

The film is produced by Karen Harnisch, Andrew Cividino, Christina Piovesan, Noah Segal, Rob Cotterill, Anita Juka, Daniel Kresmery, and Jonathan Halperyn.

Watch the “Infinity Pool” trailer below:

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